Facebook Statuses that will get lots of likes

Facebook Statuses That Will Get Lots of Likes

I have come up with a list of 20 Facebook statuses that will get lots of likes and comments.

I have tested this strategy not only on Facebook but as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

For you to benefit from this technique, you just need to copy the post I have created and paste it on your status.

However, getting Facebook likes that means a lot of things either to be noticed or get more fans and audience.

This is not something you can only try with your Facebook account but as well as the Facebook business page.

But first, I’ll want to inform you about the Facebook post idea that can work perfectly for your audience.

As a business owner who wants to grow your Facebook page likes, you might be sort of post idea.

It happens to everyone, but It shouldn’t be a case here.

What you need to do and still have a lot of Facebook post idea is another thing I will be discussing on this post.

If you are ready, let get started.

20 Examples of Facebook Statuses That Will Get Lots of Likes

Here are the 20 examples of Facebook statuses that will get lots of likes and comments. 

Copy it and use it at your own time.

1I can’t log in to my Facebook

When you post this on your status, many people will jump to your account and comment while others will hit the like button.

The fact is that people like talking about something that’s looks impossible but possible already.

How would you’ve been able to post this if you couldn’t log into your Facebook account?

That is exactly the same question you will get from your Fb friends.

2. I always learn from the mistake of others, Who take my advice

You know very well that people will not take your advice.

That’s exactly the same response you will get from your friends.

 But the truth is, your friends will want to comment in your post, some will be positive while others are negative.

Your interest is for your Facebook status to get a lot of likes and comments. That is all.

3. My Parents spend 5 years teaching me how to walk and talk, and the rest of my life asking me to sit down and shut up.

This one is controversial, your friends will ask you while was it five years?

Properly it should be less than that or were your own case different from others.

It can be that you were not eager to learn fast. 

These are some of the feedback you will get from your friends.

4. We are living in this part of the world where police come to your house after thieves have already robbed you.

You know how Nigerians love talking about police not performing their duties diligently.

That’s the same way your Facebook friends are eager to discuss this status.

From that discussion, you will get some questions like were you robbed tonight?

How did it happen? And so on.

The fact about that status is for you to gather enough likes and comments.

5. Today, I sent out a message, “Hey, I lost my phone, will you call it?” 12 out of 15 friends called me…I need smarter friends.

Many people will start by laughing before even commenting.

You justified that you don’t have smarter friends on your list but the post just got your attention.

Many individuals will definitely believe that you send out that message but on your own, it is just a Facebook status to get likes and comments.

6. The iPhone 11 looks pretty cool, but it still lets people leave voicemails, so they apparently haven’t worked out all the bugs yet.

Your friends will comment on your post which means a lot of likes and comments.

People know that voicemails have nothing to do with the phone you are using. 

So, they’ll try to correct the impression at their end.

7. Which came first: The chicken or the egg?

Some will say chicken while some will say egg…lolz

Many people like discussing something that is funny yet your aim is to get their attention.

Through this post, your Facebook status will get more likes and comments. 

Then you have won it.

8. Click LIKE if you consider yourself lucky. Then share your lucky moment.

Many will click on that like button while some will just scroll up to the next status on their timeline.

At least, you have got the attention of some people who properly leave likes on your Facebook status.

9. Q: Are you addicted to the internet?

No one wants to hear that he or she is addicted to the internet while some people will be very fine saying so.

That fact about this Facebook status is that many people are addicted to the internet but they don’t know.

Through this means, you will get more people to comment on your Facebook status saying “I’m not” while others will ask you if you’re.

10. What’s another word for synonym?

Where we go!

It an English question, some people know the answer while others don’t.

Many people that are reading your post will hit the like button while smarter people will Google it.

11. Click LIKE if you sing in the shower.

12. War doesn’t determine who’s right—it determines who’s left. 

13. God made everything that has life, the rest is made in China.

14. Today’s Generation: “Omg my parents never let me have anything.” via iPhone.

15. When a girl says she’ll be ready in 5 more minutes, it’s the same as when a guy says the game has 5 minutes left.:D

16. Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

17. Never argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

18. If I could have anything in the world it would be to have the same fingerprints as my enemy

19. Never look back. If Cinderella went to pick up her shoe, she would not have become a princess.

20. If you lose your shoe at the end of the night, you’re not Cinderella. You’re probably just drunk.

5 Facebook Status Ideas You can use Immediately.

If you are sort of Facebook statuses idea but still want to gain audience attention, which means more likes and comments.

Here are what you need to do.

1. Change your relationship status.

Changing your Facebook relationship status to something else will bring more comments.

Especially for girls, changing from single to engaged or married when they are not.

2. Post a Quote.

Everybody likes a quote, most especially; quotes that are all about success and money.

This is because everyone wants to be successful even by all means.

3. Post funny picture

Pictures can convey a message in a thousand ways. 

Properly it depends on the way you understand.

You can try a picture with clear messages, funny ones, or abstract. 

Those are kinds of images that got people more attention on the internet.

4. Post anything.

If you are inspired, post something about inspiration but if your bored, post something funny.

Just saying something on your timeline can still get many people’s attention.

For me, I will choose to open a book and read, but before I finish one chapter, I will definitely get something to write as a status.

5. Share an Article

They’re tons of articles published every day on the internet.

According to MarketingProfs, more than 2 million articles are published every day on the web.

That’s much but how many articles do you read in a day…

You can answer the question yourself.

Go online, read some awesome articles like this one, if you end up finding the article helpful then share it with your friends on social media.


The 20 examples of Facebook Statuses That Will Get Lots of Likes will definitely work.

You can brainstorm and come up with thousands of ideas.

If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment below or contact me directly.

Please, share this article on your social media by using the share button below.

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